Merrimack College, USA

Few Important Updates for Merrimack College, USA!!

This is to apprise you that the University have come up with few changes which are listed below:

•   The University now accepts up to 15 backlogs (up from 9).
•    Lower tuition: $3,000 reduction for both Pre-Master’s Program and Direct Admission
•    Extended application & confirmation deadlines (applications by 30 July and confirmations by 10 August).
•    No pre-requisite coursework
•    All 3 year degrees accepted
•    No GMAT or GRE required

Programs Offered:

M.S. in Accounting
M.S. in Civil Engioneering
M.S. in Management
M.S. in Mechanical Engineering

Entry Requirements:

GPA: 2.3
PTE: 50
GRE/GMAT: Not Required

Tuition fees: $21,478 per annum.

Application fees: Waiver


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