Study in Ireland

Why Study in IRELAND?

Ireland is a part of European Union and is an young and vibrant culture with an estimated 36% of the countries population under 25 years old and one of the fastest growing economy in the world, with the population of 4.8 million. Ireland’s worldwide reputation for high quality education is built upon a commitment to excellence. The education system has a long history of international engagement and is globally respected. All Irish Universities rank in the top 5% Globally. It stood 1st in Europe for International Student Satisfaction. The international education sector is currently worth approximately €1.58 billion per annum to the Irish economy. Higher Education in Ireland is internationally ranked and has been committed to excellence for centuries. Ireland’s commitment to education has ensured that they are home to nine of the world’s top 10 ICT companies, eight of the world’s top ten pharmaceutical and life science companies, and half of the world’s major financial services companies. Ireland can be thanked for 25% of Europe’s Computers. Nobody exports more computer software worldwide than Ireland. Irish Cities are the European headquarters of big-shot technology companies like GOOGLE, IBM, DELL, MOTOROLA, MICROSOFT,FINEOS,AIRBNB,TCS and ACCENTURE………..

Accreditation & Ranking:

  • Ireland has dropped one place to 10th in a study of the reputations of 55 countries.
  • Ireland has fast growing economy and is placed in 9th rank in Gross Domestic Product.
  • In Global Peace index stood in 6th position.
  • Ireland has ranked 15th highest out of 76 countries for mathematics and science test scores in a new report published by the OECD.
  • The Irish Government invests over 782 million annually in research in Ireland’s higher education institutions.
  • Irish universities are in the top 1% of research institutions in the world in terms of research impact in 19 fields.

Reasons to study in Ireland:

  • Ireland is an English Speaking European country in which courses are taught in English.
  • Courses are Globally recognized and accredited by HETAC, FETAC.
  • Strong Asian Community.
  • Scholarships are available.
  • Affordable tuition fee & living expenses
  • Post study work visa policy – Bachelor’s (Hons) – 1 year
  • Master’s -2years
  • Part – time work opportunities – 20hours/week during academic term and 40 hours/week during the holiday period.

Excellent wages : €9.15 per hour

Graduate Education & Duration:

  • Bachelors – 3 years
  • Bachelors with Honours – 4 years
  • Masters -1 to 2 years


  • Spring: January (Minor)
  • Fall: September (Major)

Eligibility Criteria

  • Bachelors : 10+2 /10+3 with 60%
  • IELTS: 6.0 / PTE: 51 / TOEFL:79
  • Masters: Bachelors with 60%
  • IELTS: 6.5/PTE: 58 / TOEFL: 90

Work Permit

  • Bachelors – 6 months
  • Bachelors with Honours – 1 year
  • Masters -2 years
  • Living Expenses : €7,000 per year

Tuition fee

  • Bachelors: €7,000 – €23,000 per year
  • Masters: € 10,000 – €18,000 per year

Admission Checklist

  • SSC
  • Intermediate
  • Bachelors (Individual marks memo’s, CMM, PC)
  • IELTS / PTE / TOEFL score card

Letter of Recommendations

  • Resume
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Passport copy
  • Experience letters (IF)

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