University of Hertfordshire offering courses with One year placements – Sep 18

The University of Hertfordshire is offering some PG courses with an optional one year industry placement. Please go through the following information along with the attached course leaflet and further pass this on to all prospective students.

Top 5 Benefits of studying courses with one year placement:
Real world experience : For many students university can be quite theoretical and an industrial placement is your first opportunity to apply your knowledge to the real world. During the placement, students will be able to gain further insight into industrial practice that they can take forward into their individual project.
Networking: work placements often give you the opportunity to create a network full of references from the individuals you have worked with. Such references can provide you with recommendation letters and introductions that will help you to find new opportunities.
Builds Resume: The graduate job market is incredibly competitive, so having a full resume that includes actual industry experience is sure to be a valuable asset. Employers are much more likely to hire someone with internships and work experience rather than someone with a generic resume, lacking experience.
Improves Employability: By doing a work placement, you learn effective communication skills, discipline, and efficient management of time. Often, an internship can directly lead to a full-time job at your host company.
Placements are often paid: this is an excellent opportunity to earn while you learn.

Courses offered with placement at UH :

MSc Finance and Investment Banking (with One year Sandwich Placement)- Course link:

MSc International Tourism,Hospitality & Event Management ( with One year Sandwich Placement)- Course link:,-hospitality-and-event-management

MSC International Business (with One year Sandwich Placement)- Course link:
MSc Computer Networking Principles and Practice (with One year Sandwich Placement)- Course link:
MSc Software Engineering with(One year Sandwich Placement)- Course link:
MSc Advanced Computer Science with (One year Sandwich Placement):Course link:
MSc Cyber Security with (One year Sandwich Placement)- Course link:
Msc Artificial Intelligence with Robotics ( with One year Sandwich placement) -Course link :
Msc Computer Science (wth One year Sandwich placement)-Course link:

Other important details:

Intake: Sep 18
Course Duration – 24 Months
VISA duration – 28 Months
Tuition Fee – GBP 12,500 ( for the whole course)
Scholarships available – GBP 1000/ GBP 2000/ GBP 4000
Location: Hatfield, Hertfordshire ( approx 20 mins from central London)
Application Fees: No
Application Processing time: less than 48 hours
University Employment Rate: 96.1%
Top Ten reasons to study at University of Hertfordshire:
University Video link:

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